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10 August 2009 @ 12:00 am
01 09  

I present to you: Page 9, other wise known as “The definition of Anti-Climactic.”

Sigh. I can’t tell you what a hard freakin’ time I had with this page, and I don’t even really like it completely. Sure I love what HAPPENS on it, and I refused to throw out a meaningful glance here, and a gag there….which is what led to the stress and the incompleteness.

Also, spending about 5 months relaunching Girlamatic.com which if you love Spades and stuff like it or stuff completely the opposite of it too, you should get a free account and comment on our new blogs and comics! New Comics launching this month actually!

But YAY! SPADES! WHEW! I promise to have page 10 up before I sail away to Maine to launch next week! Also, check out my new fan art from my awesome friend Bev!

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys! See you next week! And go read Spades at Girlamatic so I can get paid! I’m gonna rig this page so it becomes that page somehow…stay tuned. I’m burnt on web design lol.


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