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18 July 2009 @ 09:49 am
Please visit spadescomic.com for news and updates, and to comment on this update! Thank you! -DCM

So hi.

I can’t tell you how many times I have (not) updated Spades.
The sad truth is that it’s not my day job right now. Girlamatic.com is.
(I still can’t believe that I’m being paid to overhaul a site I love so much, and that I’ve been a part of so long as sustainable income.

Spades, as most of your know, is apart of Girlamatic.com as has been since the spring of 2002. So when Girlamatic.com relaunches on JULY 31, 2009. And for the past couple months, I’ve been doing nothing, and I mean pretty much nothing, other than Girlamatic.

Spades will continue with regular updates, possible every two weeks, after Girlamatic.com launches.

Thanks for your patience, and read blogs and comics at Girlamatic.com, there’s some awesome things there and more to come!